Biomarker Services & Capabilities

Accelerate therapeutic development with detailed and clearly actionable insight into the tumor microenvironment. Our comprehensive suite of biomarker services delivers integrated and interpreted data in a way that other companies cannot, uncovering the critical biomarkers that drive effective decision-making.

Biomarker Services & Capabilities

A complete suite of biomarker services

From our proprietary biomarkers, our innovated assays solutions, our unique data analysis platforms and our CDx development capabilities, we offer a comprehensive family of biomarker services that enhance your insight into the tumor microenvironment (TME).

biomarker services
Powerful Pan-cancer

IMMUNOSIGN®: Powerful Pan-cancer Immune Gene Signature Analysis

With Immunosign®, clinical researchers can conduct pre- and post-treatment immune monitoring to understand the functional orientation of immune cells and the naturally-occuring intra-tumor immune response.

Immunosign® is available in two  predictive and prognostic gene signature panels that provide non-overlapping information on adaptive immunity and immune suppression. The assay is run on the Nanostring platform and can be used with or without the 770 gene nCounter® PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel.

Immunosign® includes categorization of patients into “high” and “low” Immunosign® scores, which are assigned by applying our proprietary algorithms to the Immunosign® gene signatures. The Immunosign® score translates the gene signature analysis into actionable information for patient stratification and deeper insights into treatment impact.


Immunosign® 15 and Immunosign® 21 panels are critical tools in our biomarker service offering, delivering immune gene signature analysis that is prognostic and predictive.

Immunosign® shows that LTX-315 converts tumors from cold to hot

A Phase I Study Of The Oncolytic Peptide LTX-315 Generates De Novo T-cell Responses And Clinical Benefits In Patients With Advanced Sarcoma

RNA capabilities for gene expression and transcript sequencing

Nanostring Biomarker Services

Leverage the widely used Nanostring platform to study gene expression in the tumor microenvironment, revealing biomarker signatures, mechanism of action, disease biology, and more.

The most popular Nanostring service we offer is the nCounter®
PanCancer IO 360™ Panel. This panel is designed to deliver immuno-oncology insights for translational research and assesses the expression of 770 genes involved in the immune response to cancer in the tumor microenvironment.

We offer additional Nanostring panels and custom panels designed to fit your specific needs.

Nanostring Biomarker Services
RNA-seq Services

Our RNA-seq Services Capabilities

Veracyte has large capacity, high-throughput RNA-seq capabilities that speed turnaround-time for your studies.

Our RNA-seq Services team can run your study using Illumina’s AmpliSeq and TruSight kits, or we can build a custom gene expression analysis panel to advance your project goals.

As with all of our services, Veracyte provide detailed bioinformatic analysis and interpretation, to uncover insights from the data.

Our NGS and TMB Testing Capabilities

Veracyte offers large capacity, high-throughput TMB testing and general DNA sequencing capabilities that improve study turnaround-time.

Our experienced DNA Sequencing Services team can run your study using Illumina’s AmpliSeq and TruSight kits, or we can build a custom analysis panel to advance your project goals.

As with all our services, Veracyte provides detailed bioinformatic analyses and interpretation, to uncover insights from the data.


Data Science Platform

Veracyte’s expertise in immuno-oncology and advanced data analytics delivers interpreted and actionable data using our proprietary platforms and technologies. Our team of scientists and data analysts guarantee comprehensive data analysis reports and interpretation using:


Veracyte’s professional framework for clinical trial assay (CTA) and companion diagnostics (CDx) development allows our clients to confidently advance priority projects. With an end-to-end service infrastructure, we support all aspects of assay development, manufacturing, life cycle management, regulatory submissions, marketing support, and commercialization for our partners.

We deliver CDx tests eligible for co-registration with the FDA and cover the whole development process:

  • Biomarker Discovery & Concept Design
  • Assay Development (CTA)
  • Proof of Concept
  • Assay Validation
  • Clinical trial
  • PMA submission
  • Manufacturing
  • Post Launch activities

Compliance & Sample Procurement

Partner with Veracyte and benefit from our proven developmental, logistical, regulatory,  manufacturing expertise and quality systems that we use to manufacture custom diagnostics and effectively manage and execute clinical research projects.


Established Quality Environment

Reliable laboratory services run with an experienced team and establish quality environment. At Veracyte, we have both the people and the processes to protect your samples and deliver high quality results that you can trust.

  • CLIA certified laboratories in Marseille, France, and Richmond, Virginia, United States
  • Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • Our Quality Management System (QMS) is compliant with
    • The Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC and Regulation 2017/746
    • cGMP
    • Compliant with Japanese MHLW
  • ~1,000 of standard operating procedures (SOPs)

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