2nd NSCLC Drug Development Summit

Date:- September 21-22, 2022
Location:- Boston

Meet our Biopharma team at the 2nd NSCLC Drug Development Summit to discuss our biomarker services platform and our data insights solutions

With the Percepta Genomic Sequencing Classifier and the Envisia Genomic Classifier, Veracyte is already deeply involved in lung disease and we are now also offering our Immunoscore IC testing services in this area to biopharma companies.

At ASCO 2022, we presented new data from a clinical research study demonstrating the ability of our Immunoscore Immune Checkpoint (IC) assay to predict which patients with metastatic NSCLC may benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs).

These findings suggest that the Immunoscore IC assay may help biopharmaceutical companies select the right patients, helping to improve the success rate of their clinical trials, notably in combination trials including ICIs. We believe this test could enable patients who are unlikely to respond to ICIs to enter novel, combination-immunotherapy clinical trials.
See data presented at ASCO 2022

Optimizing cancer treatment development is a complex topic, notably in the era of immuno-oncology and combination therapies. This is where Veracyte can help you navigate the space with our immuno-oncology expertise and services. Our technologies combine proprietary artificial intelligence platforms and databases to analyze clinical trial samples.

Our multi-omic analysis provides actionable insights to accelerate clinical trials in oncology: unique Immunogram reports, Decipher GRID proprietary artificial intelligence platform in prostate and bladder cancers and our pan-cancer Veracyte Biopharma Atlas database, made of genomic and immunomic biomarkers – Brightplex, Immunoscore CR and IC and Immunosign.

Veracyte translates the complex tumor immune response into a clear path forward, whether the insight you need is to guide treatment decisions, inform biomarker development or advance therapeutic platforms.

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