Webinar XTalk: Improving Clinical Research in Oncology Using Immune Scoring Biomarkers & a Multi-omics Approach

Date:- June 27, 2022
Location:- Online

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Immunotherapy has emerged as the most promising cancer treatments in the last decade with a major impact in oncology by inducing durable responses. However, relatively few patients are able to benefit from this advance. With a growing number of clinical trials testing immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) or CAR-T cells, one of the main objectives for researchers now is to extend immunotherapeutic approaches to more patients and tumor types while decreasing the risk of clinical trial failures.

In this promising race against cancer, biomarkers represent one of the cornerstones of drug development programs and can be used in clinical trials to select patients and, ultimately, be employed as companion diagnostics. Biomarkers are also used for research purposes to better understand the mechanism of action for drugs, enable internal decision-making, and the ability to build clinico-genomic datasets.

In this webinar, Dr Chiara Cremolini will present results obtained in the context of a clinical trial on the usefulness of Immunoscore IC® testing in metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patients who received an Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor (ICI) treatment in combination with chemotherapy.

In the session, Dr, Jérôme Galon will also explain how the Veracyte Biopharma Atlas, a comprehensive and proprietary cancer reference database comprised of genomic and immunomic biomarkers that are assessed by Veracyte’s best-in-class assays, can help biopharma organizations in their biomarker strategy by strengthening their biologic hypothesis and de-risking clinical trials.

‘Immunoscore IC® is a French registered trademark of Veracyte’

Monday, June 27, 2022 | 1pm EDT (10am PDT)