Xtalks webinar: A Tumor Microenvironment-Based Multiomics Analysis for Predictive Modelling

Date:- December 9, 2022
Location:- Virtual

Friday, December 09, 2022 | 11am EST (NA) / 4pm GMT (UK) / 5pm CET (EU-Central)

In immuno-oncology, biomarkers are widely used to guide clinical trial programs, help researchers better understand the mechanism of action of their drugs and ultimately give predictive information of drug response or toxicity. However, the complexity associated with drugs’ mechanism of action and the dynamics of the immune response makes it challenging to analyze biomarkers and extract meaningful insights. It is, therefore, critical to create rich biological databases to reinforce and validate biologic hypotheses, de-risk clinical trial failure and efficiently identify predictive biomarkers. Incorporating a multiomics analysis can shed light on disease pathways and other complex mechanisms.

Immunotherapy has emerged as the most promising cancer treatment in the last decade with a major impact in oncology by inducing durable responses. However, until now, relatively few patients have been able to benefit from this advance. With a growing number of clinical trials testing immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) or CAR T therapies, one of the main objectives for researchers now is to extend immunotherapeutic approaches to more patients and tumor types while decreasing the risk of clinical trial failures.

During this webinar, featured speakers will introduce a reference database in diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL), a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The ambitious program assesses thousands of parameters using an unsupervised multiomic and multimodal approach. The database may be used to generate maps and clusters that can be used for patient group identification and clinical outcome interpretation.

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