IMMUNOSCORE® for Rectal Cancer

Available through Innovation Access Programs in expert centers, Immunoscore® can help identify patients with LARC (locally advanced rectal cancer) who are at a low risk of relapse and may be good candidates for organ preservation.

IMMUNOSCORE® can personalize treatment decisions

Every patient’s cancer is different. In some patients, the body’s immune system activates many cells to fight the tumor, reducing the risk or relapse. In other patients, few immune cells respond to the cancer, leading to a higher risk of relapse.

With Immunoscore®, doctors now have a way of measuring how many immune cells are at your tumor site, giving them valuable information for making personalized treatment decisions.


How IMMUNOSCORE® is used

After your neoadjuvant treatment, your medical team will need to assess your clinical response in order to determine your treatment options. Patients at high risk of relapse may need to have surgery to remove part of the rectum, but patients at low risk of relapse may be able to avoid surgery.

Immunoscore® in combination with medical imaging and other clinical exams can help your medical team understand your risk of relapse.

How does IMMUNOSCORE® work?

Only Immunoscore® can provide a standardized and personalized score capable of reflecting the immune response to the tumor.


If your Immunoscore® is high: Many killer immune cells have infiltrated your tumor and are attacking tumor cells. Your risk of recurrence is low.


If your Immunoscore® is low: Few immune cells are present in your tumor.

Your immune system alone is not armed enough to fight your cancer. Your risk of recurrence is therefore increased.

Frequently Asked Questions

IMMUNOSCORE® is only available in selected regions outside of the US through Innovation Access Programs in expert centers. You can ask your oncologist if such a program is available in your hospital and appropriate for you.

Recent data showed that Immunoscore can predict response to neoadjuvant treatment and can identify patients with rectal cancer eligible for W&W strategy. Confirmation studies are ongoing. In the meantime, Veracyte offers this innovative test to expert centers through dedicated access programs.

In combination with TNM classification and other relevant clinical and biological data, IMMUNOSCORE® guides physicians on whether to propose a Nonoperative Management (Watch and Wait) approach to patients with a complete clinical response after neo-adjuvant treatment.

When and How to Perform Immunoscore

When your doctor orders Immunoscore®, the hospital will send a portion of your biopsy sample to a Veracyte laboratory to perform the test.

You do NOT need to go through any additional procedure to get an Immunoscore® test.

Immunoscore worfklow diagram from tissue collection to reporting of results

Interested in ordering A test?

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    Veracyte delivers Immunoscore®️ results worldwide from their CLIA laboratories.
    The Immunoscore and its performance characteristics were determined by Veracyte. This test has not been cleared or approved by the FDA.

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