Date:- 17 January, 2019
Tag:- IMMUNOSCORE® in Colon Cancer

  • Immunoscore® is now fully reimbursed by a first Major Private Medical Insurer in the UK

HalioDx, an immuno-oncology company pioneering the immunological diagnosis of cancers, today announced that its flagship product, Immunoscore® test, intended to manage therapy decisions in localized colon cancers is now fully reimbursed by a major UK Private Medical Insurer.

Immunoscore® is an in vitro diagnostic test predicting the risk of relapse in early stage colon cancer patients by measuring the host immune response at the tumor site. Immunoscore® proprietary technology, pioneered by Jérôme Galon at the Cordeliers Research Center, Paris, France, integrates immunohistochemistry combined with sophisticated algorithm and advanced imaging analysis enabling extraction of spatially-organized tissue molecular information.

The reimbursement of Immunoscore® by a major Private Medical Insurer in the UK represents a key milestone for HalioDx and is the first step of our reimbursement roadmap and our global market access strategy” said Vincent Fert President and CEO of HalioDx. He adds “This positive coverage at value-based pricing successfully negotiated by our partner Everything Genetics opens discussions with other private payers and reflects the unique medical utility we are building with Immunoscore® for the benefit of patients and healthcare systems.

Immunoscore is available for UK patients since July 2018 and the rapid coverage of the test after only 5 months of commercialization clearly shows the undisputable clinical value that this test can bring to oncologists and patients by helping them guiding treatment decisions“. Added James Price, CEO of Everything Genetic, distributor of the Immunoscore test in the UK.



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