Date:- 8 November, 2018
Tag:- IMMUNOSCORE® in Colon Cancer

HalioDx, an immuno-oncology diagnostic company pioneering the immunological diagnosis of cancers with Immunoscore® and Keen Eye, an innovative company specialized in image analysis technologies based on artificial intelligence announced today a strategic partnership to develop a cloud-based platform and applications. The partnership will create the very first cloud-based computational pathology system supported by the high medical value of Immunoscore® and directed to patients benefit.

This partnership will leverage Keen Eye and HalioDx combined technologies for image analysis using artificial intelligence and cloud architecture.The software solution will be first deployed to support the services offering of HalioDx toward pathologists and oncologists, primarily to perform Immunoscore® Colon, a test for which a high medical utility has been recently demonstrated in the Lancet journal[1]. The solution is also intended to provide a robust solution for Companion Diagnostic development, validation and commercialization for HalioDx pharma and biotech partners.

This partnership will also accelerate the deployment and commercialization of Keen Eye’s products and services toward the in vitro diagnostics market, both in Europe and United States. At the moment, the company’s technology is being developed for two kinds of application: 1) to empower physicians to make more accurate, standardized diagnoses using consistent, AI-driven algorithms, and 2) to accelerate drug development with pharmaceutical companies, in preclinical and clinical studies, by increasing analytical capabilities and automating certain tasks.

This partnership with Keen Eye is exemplary as it offers a high complementarity in term of scientific, technical and regulatory expertise but also in term of field and market access”, said Vincent FERT, CEO and co-founder of HalioDx.He addedBoth teams are keen to start as they are very conscious of the impact they can make on patient care with the combination of their respective technologies

We are delighted to initiate this strategic partnership with HalioDx, especially in a moment where the impact of immuno-oncology on patients’ life has been awarded this year with the highest honors”, commented Sylvain Berlemont, CEO and founder of Keen Eye. He added We are eager to bring Immunoscore® to another scale, leveraging on the latest cloud and machine learning technology”.

[1]International validation of the consensus Immunoscore for the classification of colon cancer: a prognostic and accuracy study; Pagès et al. The Lancet P2128-2139, May 26, 2018.



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