Date:- 7 September, 2017
Tag:- IMMUNOSCORE® in Colon Cancer

  • Objective: Evaluate Immunoscore® as a key risk-factor to optimally adapt chemotherapy prescription in stage III CC patients
  • Immunoscore® will be performed on the 1450 French IDEA patients

HalioDx SAS, an immuno-oncology diagnostic company, announced a collaboration with PRODIGE, a digestive oncology intergroup gathering the GERCOR, the FFCD and UNICANCER organizations, to further validate Immunoscore® clinical value in stage III Colon Cancer (CC). The study will focus on investigating Immunoscore® performance to guide oncologist decision for chemotherapy (CT) prescription in stage III CC patients.

Immunoscore® will be performed on 1450 patients’ samples collected during the French IDEA trial (2010 patients included). The IDEA France results presented at the ASCO 2017 meeting showed that in patients with stage III colon cancer, with 90% of patients treated with mFOLFOX6 regimen, a 6-month adjuvant chemotherapy course was superior to a 3-month course, especially in the T4 and N2 high-risk subgroups. These results should be considered alongside the international IDEA collaboration and the SCOT[i] and TOSCA[ii] results (respectively the UK and Italian studies). The IDEA France study and the international IDEA collaboration showed significant reduced rates of peripheral neuropathy toxicity with the shorter regimen. The IDEA International collaboration showed that the 3-month course was most appropriate for low-risk patients, especially with the CAPOX regimen. Thus, a risk-based approach is now recommended by the IDEA collaboration to guide adjuvant CT prescription.

Immunoscore® has been validated as a strong prognostic factor in 600 stage III CC patients treated with FOLFOX alone from the randomized Phase III adjuvant trial NCCTG N0147 where accurate identification of high-risk patients was confirmed (F. Sinicrope et al. J Clin Oncol 2017 ; 35 (suppl; abstr 3579)). The IDEA trial provides now a unique opportunity to evaluate Immunoscore® as an additional and objective criterion to refine treatment adaptation through improved risk classification, and thus provide better care for patients and reduce treatment costs for National Health Systems.

Testing will take place in the HalioDx laboratory. Analysis of results will be done by Q4 2018.

Vincent FERT, CEO of HalioDx comments: “We are proud to collaborate with the PRODIGE consortium, an organization developing large programs of national and international clinical trials, aimed at improving colon cancer patient management. This collaboration has been set up based on the previous results on Immunoscore® demonstrating its unique potential to play a role as a major risk-factor in localized Colon Cancer.

Meet our team at ESMO 2017 to further discuss Immunoscore® results & perspectives:

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[i] SCOT: Short Course Oncology Treatment trial.

[ii] TOSCA: Three or Six Colon Adjuvant trial.



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