Date:- 3 November, 2016

HalioDx sees strong development of its clinical research activity toward precision immunotherapy

HalioDx SAS, an immuno-oncology diagnostic company, today has drawn up a progress report on the implementation of its clinical research services. By integrating its proprietary technologies in clinical trials for innovative immune-modulatory drugs, HalioDx ambition is to be the preferred partner of biopharmaceutical companies for the development of precision immunotherapy.

Seven master service agreements have been signed since the beginning of 2016 with biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes, from both the U.S. and Europe. By these agreements, HalioDx provides its battery of proprietary tests within the full range of clinical research, from Phase I to Phase III, for innovative immunotherapies or other immune-related drugs.

This success is deeply associated with the shared awareness of the importance of the tumor micro-environment, an area where HalioDx is leveraging on the unique expertise of Jérôme Galon’s work on the immune contexture(1). HalioDx strategy is to develop immuno-oncology diagnostic products and services that clearly meet the need for patient stratification and predictive biomarkers. Their goal is to guide the development of oncology and immuno-oncology therapeutics and the management of patients.

After its first full year of activities, HalioDx overachieved its business development objectives and is accelerating and strengthening services activities. The overall team has grown 30% in the lasts months with now 100 employees, and will continue to grow in 2017, notably to serve clinical research activities.

In July, the Company has launched its first flagship assay, Immunoscore® Colon, which provide to clinical investigators a unique and robust decision making tool for patients’ management based on intra-tumor immune response. In the next months, pathologists will have access to the CE-IVD assay in Europe, while RUO (Research Use Only) solution will stay available in the rest of the World.

The significant success of our clinical research offer to biopharmaceutical partners, thanks to the scientific contribution of our co-founder Dr. Galon combined with our experienced team and capabilities, attract more and more Biopharma partners” said Vincent Fert, co-founder and CEO of HalioDx. “These assets and our unique offering of proprietary immune oncology assays, ready to be embarked on companion diagnostic projects, represent a strong competitive advantage. We are now looking forward to the first results to be presented by our biopharmaceutical partners at ASCO 2017.

1. Galon J et al. Science 2006, Pages F et al. JCO 2009, Mlecnik B et al., JCO 2011, Galon J at ASCO 2016



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