Date:- 10 December, 2020
Tag:- Distributors Diagnostic Assays Immunoscore® Colon

HalioDx SAS, the immuno-oncology diagnostic company pioneering the immunological diagnosis of cancers, today announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Diagnosticos da America (DASA) SA for Immunoscore® commercialization in Brazil. Oncologists and patients in Brazil will have an easier access to Immunoscore®, a unique diagnostic assay that predicts the risk of recurrence and the response to the chemotherapy regimen of patients with early stage colon cancer. Today, Immunoscore® is available in main Latin American countries (Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and now Brazil) and already used in routine practice in major oncology cancer treatment centers, such as the Institute Fleming in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

DASA has more than 20 thousand employees and 2 thousand doctors, renowned in Brazil and abroad, who work in a robust and capillary health care network across the country. The company performs more than 275 million exams for 25 million patients per year, through its more than 40 laboratory networks distributed in approximately 800 units. The introduction of Immunoscore® in their panel of innovative testing will accelerate the adoption of our test in Brazil, notably for the triage of early stage colon cancer patients during Covid-19 crisis[1].

We have been impressed by the capabilities of DASA with a strong footprint in Brazil and a proven record of successes in the highly competitive cancer diagnostics market. This suggests a rapid ramp up of market penetration for our test in the country ,”says Vincent Fert CEO of HalioDx. He added “We are going to further expand our distribution network worldwide with key players to advocate the introduction of Immunoscore® in the routine practice of oncologists”.

There are more than 51,000 new cases of Colorectal cancers per year in Brazil[2] which represent a significant challenge for health organizations in the country. For half of these patients, treatment decisions are problematic leading to over or under treatments. Thanks to Immunoscore®, relapse risk assessment will be improved for early stage colon cancer patients, notably during the Covid-19 crisis where the assay has demonstrated is utility in triaging patients,commented Dr. Gustavo Aguiar Campana, DASA’s Medical Director. “The partnership between DASA and HalioDx represents a significant advance for Brazilian oncologists in charge of gastrointestinal cancers, ensuring access to precision oncology through an advanced and innovative technology.

[1] O’Connor JM et al, Colorectal Cancer Vol. 9, No. 2.
[2] International Agency for Research on Cancer, Globocan 2018.



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