Testing Services

Increase throughput and expand your global footprint by outsourcing your assay (NGS, qPCR, ELISA, IHC etc.) testing to Veracyte.

Our CLIA labs in Marseille, France, and the United States, routinely run thousands of tests per year and have the ability to rapidly scale up throughput to support your Biopharma research initiatives and IVD testing needs.

Testing Services

What we offer

Our labs can be used to support your ongoing research initiatives as well as implement your NGS, qPCR, ELISA and IHC-based tests in our two CLIA labs based in France and in the USA. Whether you need a temporary increase in throughput, a CRO partner, or are a virtual company that is maintaining a lean operation, Veracyte’s Testing Services can deliver complete workflows for molecular biology ELISA and IHC testing.

Choose Veracyte for our proven experience and deep expertise.

We conduct and deliver reports for thousands of tests each year.


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