Veracyte offers a unique multiplex tissue imaging and analysis approach combining multiple technologies perfectly adapted to the comprehensive characterization of the tumor microenvironment.

Tissue Analysis



This customizable solution, a sequential brightfield chromogenic multiplex IHC, in addition to whole slide digital pathology analysis, allows researchers to assess complex TME cells phenotyping from one FFPE tumor tissue section with up-to 7 biomarkers; providing valuable predictive and prognostic information, as well as insights on the underlying mechanisms of therapy response and resistance.

Our expertise in immuno-oncology combined with our IO Biomarkers Experts and scientists ensures rapid development of your priority projects and provides dedicated support during all steps of development.

Veracyte has strong expertise in complex panel development, containing up-to 7 biomarkers each, for the identification of complex cell phenotypes.

Our image and data analysis ensures a standardized quantification of cell populations and the assessment of cells clustering, as well as a proximity index.

SITC22 Brightplex Poster Web

Assessment Of The Spatial Distribution And Cell-To-Cell Interactions In The Tumor Micro-Environment, Within And Between Serial Slides Stained With Brightplex®, A Sequential Chromogenic Multiplex Assay (SITC 2022)

Poster SITC22 Pioneer

BRIGHTPLEX® TCE and BRIGHTPLEX® MDSC Assays In Combination Improve NSCLC Patient Stratification Under Anti-PD1/L1 Immunotherapy In The Pioneer Project (SITC 2022)


Immunoscore® for Clinical Research (CR)

Immunoscore® CR* provides a robust, precise, quantitative, and consensus assessment of lymphocytic infiltration in human tumors. Immunoscore® with multiplex and spatially resolved capabilities for clinical investigations.

  • Robust immunohistochemistry assays using standardized reagents
  • Classify tumors as hot/cold, exhausted/not exhausted and immunosuppressed/not immunosuppressed
  • Flexible multiplexing capabilities
  • Deliver spatially resolved phenotypic imaging data
  • Validated in several cancer types

*Immunoscore® CR is available for clinical research. It has not been cleared nor approved by the FDA and is not for use in diagnostic procedures. Immunoscore is a registered trademark of Inserm licensed to Veracyte

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