A powerful tool that adds a new dimension of insight into cancer

Immunoscore® provides a robust, precise, quantitative, and consensus assessment of lymphocytic infiltration in human tumors and has been shown to predict patient outcome: response to therapies in several indications.



The immune contexture and Immunoscore in cancer prognosis and therapeutic efficacy

IMMUNOSCORE® Accurately measures patient immune response at the tumor site

IMMUNOSCORE® is a sophisticated tissue-based assay providing a score defined with the precise quantification and identification of T lymphocytes infiltrating the tumor in specific regions. This personalized medicine tool has been shown to predict patient outcomes in several indications.

Developing the IMMUNOSCORE®

“The data made it quite clear - the higher the number of immune cells, the better the life expectancy, a correlation that we named the IMMUNOSCORE®.”

Jérôme Galon, PhD.

Inventor of IMMUNOSCORE®

IMMUNOSCORE® for Healthcare Professionals

Based on 15+ years of research on thousands of patients, IMMUNOSCORE® can guide treatment decision-making by giving healthcare professionals a clear and actionable measurement of how an individual patient’s immune system is responding to their cancer.

IMMUNOSCORE® is available for a growing number of indications.

Happy senior patient and his doctor looking at medical test results on touchpad during medical appointment.

IMMUNOSCORE® and related services for Pharma

Leveraging a wide array of the latest imaging and genomics technologies, IMMUNOSCORE® and related services can reveal critical tumor immune response insights to guide therapeutics and diagnostics development. Build a detailed understanding of a product’s mechanism of action, each patient’s individual tumor immune response, and more to make strategic decisions about clinical development based on the best data available.

Immunoscore® for Colon Cancer

Immunoscore® for Rectal Cancer

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